Not a whole lot going on at the moment. I made a payment to Liquid DJs. The bill is slowly going down. We’re about to mail our final payment to Ashley Colhouer, which is very exciting. I’m off and on working on invitation designs. I have a very big surprise for Jeff coming up, and I can’t talk about it here. It’s his wedding day present, and I’m very excited about it. That’s what’s been taking up most of my planning right now.

We’ve decided to do personalized Jones Soda bottles for our favors for the wedding. How exciting! We’re going to use one of our engagement photos for the label, and it will have our wedding date and names on it. And we get to pick what flavor we want! I’m very very stoked on this idea coming to life. Here’s an example of personalized ones.

I really love how this one doubles as a place card. So cute.

So, not a whole lot going on. But here’s to keeping you guys in the loop.


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Yesterday, I went to The Florida Mall with Chelsea to enjoy a day out of Daytona. There is an enormous Forever XXI, and I got a super lucky find! I found my dress for the Rehearsal Dinner! I’m so excited about it. It’s called “Romantic Rose Dress”, and it’s chiffon, and so perfect! And it was only $22.80. Can’t beat that.

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Busy busy busy. All the time. Today, we went under the nine month mark, and my wedding ticker now says 8 months, 4 weeks, 2 days. Wow. We really are getting closer.

Okay so. Here’s where we’re at:

  • We’re mailing our final payment to Ashley this week. Such a huge relief. And so very excited.
  • I’ve put the deposit down on Liquid DJs and am making payments.
  • I have the final quote from Event Makers and just need to sign and deposit.
  • Sewing flowers like it’s my job (with Chelsea).
  • Need to order bridesmaid dresses, so need to get Becca and Chelsea into a shop that has them to try on.

I’m at a point where I wish I could invite more people. I think probably most people get there. I’m making new friends and getting closer to people that puts things at an awkward time line. I can’t add more people, and I have no idea who from our families will definitely come and who won’t. It’s making it hard, and I want to invite more friends. This part kind of sucks. I’m trying to squeeze out of my parents if they’ve heard anything about people coming or not coming, and no one is really talking much about it (which also sucks – people talk about my wedding! At least pretend to be excited!).

On a side note – my birthday is coming up! It’s the big two-one. Big plans incoming! I can’t wait. Jeff is planning most of it, so that’s really fun. I bought shoes and a new shirt, and just need to get a skirt. I got my birthday shoes on sale at Aldo for $34, originally $70. So stoked on them, and they’re super comfortable! I can’t wait.

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Today, I went with two of my bridesmaids to try on dresses and figure out which ones they’re going to order. We went to Bridal Suite in Port St. Lucie, and tried on dresses from Alfred Angelo, Impression Bridal, Bill Levkoff… Not sure who else. We didn’t have an appointment and they were a little busy, so we picked dresses off the rack ourselves, helped ourselves to a fitting room after 10 minutes of waiting for any attendant in the store to notice us, and tried on a ton of dresses (well, they did, not me!).

We have it narrowed down to two different dresses, both by Bill Levkoff, one short and one long.

Both would be in black for the wedding. I have one more bridesmaid that needs to try them both on, and then we’ll decide and order!

And I just clicked submit on my deposit for Liquid DJs. Wow – I feel relieved but it’s also a little scary being in a contract now! But I’m very excited to have booked Shannon and I have no doubts that he will be amazing!

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I bought my necklace that I’m wearing for the wedding. It’s Betsey Johnson. And it’s amazing. It’s ivory and gold and pink, and it’s so perfect. I love it.

Alright. That’s it.

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First and foremost – I need everyone who stumbles upon this blog to follow this link and vote for Jeff and I to win this contest. We appreciate your vote more than you will ever know.


Been very busy negotiating with vendors. This takes time, and frustrates me a lot. But here’s some updates.

  • We’re booking Liquid DJs for the reception. Shannon (and Dasha) have been incredible and I can’t thank them enough for helping me out. So as soon as I get my paycheck Friday, they’ll be booked. And we’ll have sweet jams for the wedding.
  • We’ve decided to NOT go with Event Makers for catering. Their price is alright, but their service is god-awful and they won’t let me do a tasting. So this was an important decision to make and I can move forward with catering planning.
  • I’m pretty sure we have which tent company we’re going with (not holding my breath yet, though). The price is alright, just waiting for a slightly revised contract and making an appt. in Stuart to finalize and put 50% down. This will be a huge relief.
  • My Save the Dates have all been mailed out. All thirty-seven of them. $25 in postage later. It seems as though most of Jeff’s family has gotten them, and some of mine. I feel like there’s a lot unaccounted for, and I’ll need to hunt down some mail men to get this taken care of. Also – I want to apologize to everyone who received them for the really awful dolphin stamps on them. Seriously, my deepest apologies.

I feel like I’ve gotten way more done than I actually have. Having the DJ booked is a huge relief, and having the tent vendor almost booked is another huge relief. Then all we really have left is catering, since we already have the cake paid for, my dress is here, the photography is almost paid for… We’re making good time I feel like.

I do need to tackle the BM dress dealio though. It’s going to be difficult I imagine. Getting everyone together will suck, and I don’t have time to make separate appointments. So we’ll see how this plays out.

I think that’s all. I wish I had pictures to upload to this mega boring post. Sorry guys.

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I just saw that we’re under three hundred days and I just about passed out.

All of the Save the Dates went into the mailbox today. It was very exciting, but made me a little nervous, too. This makes things much more legit! People have a date, and are making plans to come down here for the wedding. I’m very very excited!!

Jeff and I did our first registry the other day. We decided to do Kohl’s first, because we really love their kitchen stuff. They have a really good selection of pots and pans and bakeware, as well as really nice dish sets and serve-ware that we fell in love with. We went to customer service to put in all our information and get our scan gun, and the lady had no idea what she was doing, lol. First she gave us a scan gun that still had someone else’s registry in it. And then she gave us a new one but didn’t know how to start it up and get us ready to go scan. It was a mess. Jeff figured it out and schooled her on scan guns. We went around the whole store, and I got to school Jeff on what kind of stuff goes on registries and what kind of stuff doesn’t. I think he had some sticker shock of the pricing of some home stuff, for real. He had no clue stuff was so expensive! But it was overall a lot of fun. I think we’re also going to do one online for Amazon.com, and then I’m going to do one for Williams Sonoma.

So anyways, this was us goofing around.

I also gave Jeff the task of finding a DJ. I can’t do everything on my own, and I figured this was something Jeff could handle and would be mildly interested in, so we’ll see how it goes. I gave him a starting point, with a price quote and one guy that I really like, and told him to go from there. So we’ll see.

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I’m a bad blogger. I’ve really had not much to say. I may have found a DJ that I really love. But I’ll probably have to trade more vital organs for him. So we’ll see how that goes.

Also. I’ve started wearing my hair flower around the house. I thoroughly enjoy how dramatically large it is. I can’t wait to wear it for the wedding. It’s so romantic feeling and has all these feathers and stuff. I’m in love with it.

Alright, I’m boring. Bye.

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I’ve been neglecting. School has started. I’m very busy. And I’ve really had nothing to say.

The to-do list has become longer with more important things on it:

  • Figure out which tent company to go with
  • Find (an affordable) caterer
  • Decide about a DJ (have good contenders for this one)
  • Get Save the Dates in the mail, asap (afford postage lol)
  • Seriously get my butt moving on flowers. Seriously Taylor. Crackdown time.
  • Really start thinking about bridesmaid dresses, need to order in February

I mean. That’s the important stuff right now I think. I will need to start working on an invitation design soon also. Because those will take me a while, and probably cause a lot of frustration. Anyways.

The real reason for this post is to brag about more photos that Ashley Colhouer sent me. We got our DVD in the mail yesterday with the rest of our photos from our engagement shoot. I didn’t think they would be better than what I saw on her blog, but it’s like every image is better than the next. It was like Christmas. I’m so excited, and it just makes me so much more excited for the wedding, knowing that I have an amazing photographer capturing everything for me.

I can’t even decide which one I want to print to put in with the save the dates. It’s way too hard a decision. I love Ashley. Seriously. She is the best.

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I feel like the days are dwindling, even though there’s still over three hundred of them before the wedding. I feel like I have no grasp on the speed of time. Sure, I can sit and sew felt flowers and make string balls (I don’t even know what else to call them) every day. But I can’t for the life of me get a grasp on how fast time is moving. I feel like I may be done in time for the wedding. And then I suddenly feel my heart beating really fast when I’m laying in bed and think of what it would be like if I didn’t finish things. And I’m still over three hundred days out. I am a nut job. Seriously.

I feel like I have nothing wedding related to update today. I’m a liar.

I made my hotel information cards and airport information cards to go in with the save the dates. They’re both business card size, and they’ll be printed with one on the front and the other on the back. My mom is printing them for me, and I’ll be picking them up from her and then weighing the envelopes and mailing those suckers out. I feel like that kind of makes it official. More official than writing in a blog anyways.

No idea where the hell the boarders went. Those aren’t the real files anyways. Those are just screen shots of the files. Because I’m lazy. Anyways. I’m excited about all of my paper stuff coming together. And I’m very excited that I’ve designed it all myself, and that I didn’t spend a lot of money having someone else design it. I’m a little proud. But yeah, the real files look better. I promise.

And the real reason I made this post is because I made mini-cupcakes. And I love them.

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