My date is saved with Ashley for the photography. Huge check! What a relief to have that out of the way. Meeting with her on November 13th to finalize some things and get the ball rolling with payments. Very very excited to be working with her.

So I have a picture of the finished bouquet that I have. Yes, I know it looks like an ice cream cone, and yes, I love it. I’m so excited to have a finished product in my hand, and it makes it seem like things are actually coming together.  Here’s a picture of the bouquet, and the super cute bow. Enjoy your daily dose of wedding porn.

Picture 3
















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I finished my first (test) bouquet. Holy handcramps, I have my work cut out for me. I didn’t take pictures because I’m lazy. But it looks like the ones from 2 posts down, but finished, so you can close your eyes and imagine it.

Started my Artisan Breads class today. It sounds awesome. And – today – we made BEER BREAD. bread. made with beer. Uh, yes please. Super easy and fun. I loved it. I’m really excited about this class. I’ll post pictures of that too when I get baking more.

I’m mailing out my check tomorrow for the deposit for the photographer. HUGE step. Slightly nervous, but I can’t afford to lose the date with this photographer, since I already lost it on my other choice (who wasn’t ahead or behind, but I couldn’t decide). So, I’m going with Ashley Cohlouer. You can see her work at 1313blog.com  … I love it, and I love her, and I can’t wait to meet her! Letting out a huge sigh of relief as soon as that check is mailed.

I’m tired and have nothing else to say today.

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I love photography contests to win free things. Seriously. Maybe I’ll win one. Everyone should enter them.

Anyways. I found this really awesome thing on someone else’s blog who I’m sure took it from somewhere else. I can’t for the life of me find in my history trail which blog I got it from, so if it’s yours and you’ve happened to stumble upon my [humble] little nook here, please leave a comment and I’m more than happy to credit you. I really want to set this up for me and Jeff to do one day. Actually, I think all couples should enjoy this. I’m not an out-doorsy kind of person, so this really makes me happy.

Picture 3

I mean, who can be mad at this? I definitely couldn’t be mad if my fiance did something like this for me. Maybe without mountains. And more like a field of sunflowers. Or something. Anyways. How freaking adorable.

I started sewing flowers at work today. Lame lame lame. Someone sew these for me. Someone give me the money to be able to afford them off of Etsy. Craft projects in the middle of Starbucks on my break, keeping a careful eye on my baristas from the big table across from the registers. Felt and buttons and scraps of thread scattered all over this table. I seriously look like a mental case.

That’s all the wedding updates I have in my for today. I’m apparently only posting on even countdown days. I really need to book my photographer. I can’t bring myself to make the commitment yet, even though I’m probably going to lose my date on either of the two I have it narrowed down to. I need to hurry up on my commitment issues for signing a contract.

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I started the flowers today. What did I get myself into? A mess. At least I have four hundred and four days to figure out how to clean up the mess, and with an end result of seven bouquets that make it worth not spending a million dollars on real flowers. Here’s some DIY photos.

It’s actually kind of fun to work on, but my hands are a crampy. Yes, I’m a whiney little baby. It’s starting to look like an ice cream cone, and I think that I don’t hate it. I’m still in the process of discovering what I do and don’t like, so it’s okay. I wish I could just pay someone else to make them though, and I’m glad I’m starting this early. It’s going to take a while.

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Biketober Fest is blowing my mind right now. I can hear the bikes from my tiny little ghetto apartment – which is on mainland. Not even beach-side. It’s going to be a long night at the Sbux, full of overweight, middle-age men and their scandalously dressed, fake-but-heavy-chested females hanging drunkenly on their arms. And the under-dressed-for-success “bartenders” and beer-tub girls, they’re my favorite, coming in to get their Venti Extra Caramel In The Cup And On Top Caramel Frappuccinos. I think I just threw up.

There are four hundred and six days until the wedding. I’d like to think that I’m ahead of the game, but only in some things. I have the cake guy booked, my dress is already here, shoes have been ordered (for me and the ladies of honor) and are on their way. I have the supplies for my diy headpiece… in a box… not quite put together. I really need to start on the flowers. They will suck the life out of me. But it’ll be worth it when I don’t have a $3000 floral bill. Right? ::crosses fingers::

I think that I have my photographer picked, but I’ll admit that I’m a little scared to sign a contract. The photography is literally the most important thing I’ll be paying for. And is going to cost way more than I’d like, but will be worth it. I’ll just eat more ramen – at five for $.85, you can’t really beat it. I just need to know for sure, before I sign a contract, that I’m getting everything I want. Yes, the photos looking good are important. However, if the contract backs me into a corner where I can’t even upload my photos to Facebook, it doesn’t matter how good they look. Photographer contracts are intimidating, and I’m lucky my mom is familiar enough with contracts to look over them and see what isn’t right. Hopefully I’ll be signing (a good) contract next week. One big check out of the way, and just $2000 more to save (for now atleast).

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