I love photography contests to win free things. Seriously. Maybe I’ll win one. Everyone should enter them.

Anyways. I found this really awesome thing on someone else’s blog who I’m sure took it from somewhere else. I can’t for the life of me find in my history trail which blog I got it from, so if it’s yours and you’ve happened to stumble upon my [humble] little nook here, please leave a comment and I’m more than happy to credit you. I really want to set this up for me and Jeff to do one day. Actually, I think all couples should enjoy this. I’m not an out-doorsy kind of person, so this really makes me happy.

Picture 3

I mean, who can be mad at this? I definitely couldn’t be mad if my fiance did something like this for me. Maybe without mountains. And more like a field of sunflowers. Or something. Anyways. How freaking adorable.

I started sewing flowers at work today. Lame lame lame. Someone sew these for me. Someone give me the money to be able to afford them off of Etsy. Craft projects in the middle of Starbucks on my break, keeping a careful eye on my baristas from the big table across from the registers. Felt and buttons and scraps of thread scattered all over this table. I seriously look like a mental case.

That’s all the wedding updates I have in my for today. I’m apparently only posting on even countdown days. I really need to book my photographer. I can’t bring myself to make the commitment yet, even though I’m probably going to lose my date on either of the two I have it narrowed down to. I need to hurry up on my commitment issues for signing a contract.


October 22, 2009. Uncategorized.

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