Super productive weekend down south, and honestly, it’s been a pretty productive week.

{1} Ashley Colhouer: booked. Amazing, amazing photographer. I am so lucky to have found her, and to have her want to shoot my wedding. You can check out her work at www.1313blog.com … I absolutely love her, and her husband Phillip, and they’re freaking adorable baby Nylin. I can’t wait for our engagement session (yes, I’m doing a second one, mostly for a cohesive body of work for my whole wedding experience), and to work with her for the next year before my wedding.

{2} Guest list: Semi-finalized. I know it’s early for this, but since we’ll be renting everything from one company, and need to have that meeting in January, I want the guest list final as soon as possible. The less we have to worry about this in the long run, the easier our lives will be. We’re pretty much only inviting family and long term family friends, we want to keep it small and intimate, and (most importantly) easy to manage. So ta-da. We have a semi-finalized guest list.

{3} Hair piece: Woohoo! I ordered my hair piece from Occansey Designs, and it shipped out on Friday! I cannot wait to get it. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll be having a veil or what kind of veil if I do decide to have one, so I can easily get one attached to this piece. Here’s a picture from the website (more to come when I receive it).

hairpiece2 hairpiece1

{4} Shoes: My shoes had been shipped to my mom’s house (due to my bad schedule and shady neighborhood, just to be safe), and I hadn’t seen them yet. This was like Christmas morning opening up that box, seriously. I love them. I want to marry my shoes. I ordered them off of Amazon, and were only $34. They also had the same shoe in perfect, matching colors for my bridesmaids. They match without being match-y. Hi, I’m Taylor, and I’m addicted to shoes. Here’s your pictures.

Picture 1Picture 2

{5} Rings: Okay so this isn’t really a check, but we’re only two payments away from having our wedding bands completely paid off, and we just finished paying off my engagement ring. For someone who makes slightly more than minimum wage, trying to plan a wedding and start a life with somebody, this is very exciting. And it’s not even like we picked out cheap rings to “upgrade” later, we picked out the rings that we loved and are working out butts off to pay them off, and we’re almost there. I’m so excited about it that I wanted to post about it. So there.

That may be everything, I’m tired just thinking about how busy this weekend was. I already have my 2010 calendar hanging on my wall because I have appointments and things set up that far away, it’s a little crazy and over-whelming, but very exciting. And meeting out photographer made things a little bit more tangible for Jeff, who is finally showing signs of excitement for the wedding. And the best part – he knows we’re going to have the best wedding ever. I love him.


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