Today was seemingly productive:

1. Confirmed engagement shoot with Ashley Colhouer for January 5th. Very excited about this. Need to think of places between Ft. Lauderdale and Martin County to have an amazing (anti-beach) shoot. Any ideas? I’d love to hear them. Leave a comment!

2. Appointment with Event Makers, followed immediately by appointment with Premier Party Rentals for January 6th. This will be huge to get out of the way because literally everything we will be needing will be from one of these two companies. Hoping we can do a little negotiating.

3. Getting my windows tinted in my car over Thanksgiving weekend. Very exciting news, my little baby Mazda 3 is gonna look super nice. Huge great big thanks to my grandma for this one.

4. Went to a presentation today by Warren Brown, founder of cakelove in the Maryland, DC area. What an amazing and inspirational baker. He makes me want to open my own bakery. Obviously this was the point of the lecture, but seriously. He has a bagillion awards, and has been on Food Network and in all kinds of publications. What an awesome dude. Look him up! You’ll enjoy it, promise.

All I need to do tomorrow is set my hair appointment for later on in the day on January 6th, and I’ll be all set. Thanksgiving is next week and I’m so excited. Jeff’s parents are coming down south with us to meet my parents. Nerve-wracking, yes. Super exciting, yes. I’m also going to bake an apple pie for the festivities, which will be fun because I don’t get to bake much for my parents. Totally ignoring Jillian Michaels next weekend. 🙂


November 18, 2009. Uncategorized.

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