Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s my delightful apple pie I made for my family!

Tomorrow is the one year mark to our wedding. It is absolutely insane that I have been planning my wedding for six months already. Seriously? Where has the time gone? But I couldn’t be more excited. The future in-laws met today at my house for an amazing fried turkey (thanks daddy!) and it went really well. We both have awesome parents and our families meshed really well. I couldn’t be happier!

My hair piece came in, and it is so beautiful! Occansey Designs did an incredible job, and it was only $10 (on sale), plus shipping. So now I’ll just need to get a birdcage veil to attach to it. This is the direction I’ve decided to go in, against a traditional cathedral veil. It’ll save me some money, and I just feel like it’s really more my style. One more check!

Also – I never wrote this because I was way to lazy to update, but last Monday I got to meet Ted Allen from Food Network! He was hosting a food and wine festival in Daytona and he stopped into my Starbucks for a coffee Monday morning! He was pretty quiet, bought a venti black coffee, an orange juice, and the N.Y. Times, and he didn’t tip. But it was really awesome seeing him in real life! Pretty cool moment.

And tomorrow is Black Friday! The real holiday as far as I’m concerned :] Can’t wait! Hope everyone stays safe, and hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with friends and family!


November 27, 2009. Uncategorized.

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