I’d first like to go on an entirely un-wedding related rant about work.

You, walking through the front door of my (unnamed) coffee shop, you do not need that frappuccino you’re about to order. And you definitely do not need the extra whip cream parfait-style with extra caramel sauce in the cup. It is rude to talk on your phone while I’m trying to ask you what size you want, and you just throw your money down on the counter at me, or slap your company credit card down and then when I ask you if you want a receipt and you shake your head no so I hand you back your card and start to walk away you yell at me that you need a receipt so you can get reimbursed for your $1.60 cup of coffee. You are rude. It is still rude to say into your iPhone “hold on a sec, I’m getting my coffee” and then throw some jumbled mess of words about coffee into my face that don’t make any sense for a drink order and then say back into your phone “Sorry, these people are idiots, don’t they train them?”. Yes – they train us. They train us how to smile at assholes like you all day (and I’d like to see you try to make a quad venti two pump sugar free vanilla two pump sugar free caramel whole milk one splenda dry cappuccino with a smile on YOUR face).


I’ve started sewing more flowers. It’s very tiring, and my hands keep cramping. Must. Keep. Going.

And on a more exciting note, I’ve designed my luggage tags that we’ll be sending out with our Save the Dates. I love them, and I used lyrics from my absolute favorite New Found Glory song ever. We’ll be printing these business card size and then laminating them and hooking clear luggage tag loops through them. I am getting more and more excited every day.


December 5, 2009. Uncategorized.

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