I’ve been a bad blogger. Much too busy to blog.

Eleven months to go. Seriously.

Finals and practicals are out of the way. Much more time to focus on wedding things. Engagement photos are in 8 days. WHAT! I don’t even have a location yet. Holy shiz. I have all of the meetings for the tent/tables/linens/blah blah in 9 days. Those will be huge checks to have out of the way. All I do in my free time is sew flowers. My coffee table looks like a craft store vomited on it. All over it. God help Jeff.

I have the luggage tags and save the date post cards done. With those, we’re mailing a map of Stuart with the points of interest, the activities we’ll be having over the weekend, and the hotel information. I know most people do this with their invites, but trust that my family needs A LOT of time to handle this kind of thing. So we’re sending out a fun little Save the Date package in the mail. If I can get it all done in the next two weeks to mail out in January.

Other than that, there isn’t really any wedding news. I think I’ve finally decided on a bridesmaid dress, but we’ll see how that goes when we order them in February. Yes – that’s my cut off date. They MUST be ordered by then, I’m not having the stress of dresses not coming in on time.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.


December 28, 2009. Uncategorized.

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