The days are slowly disappearing. Just over ten months until the wedding, crazy! Time is going too fast already.

Couple of new things.

We had our meetings with Event Makers and Premier Party Rentals in Stuart. I first feel like neither were prepared for our meetings (which I had made appointments for), and they were both a little scatter-brained. I wasn’t impressed. Both said they would email me quotes. Our meetings were on Wednesday the 6th. Premier Party Rentals emailed me the quote (minus the tent) today, Thursday the 7th. I have yet to hear from Event Makers, who I’m also considering for my catering. They better get on it before I pass them by. I feel like most of what Premier quoted me was fair. I do feel like their linens are outrageously priced. They want $17/linen for plain black polyester linens. And $35/linen for a pink and gold crushed linen. I’m looking elsewhere to try and find a better deal. As soon as Event Makers gets back to me on that, I’ll update how I’m feeling.

We also had our cake tasting with Efrain at A Piece of Cake by Elena in Stuart. We decided on different flavors for every tier. The bottom tier is their Butter Rum, followed by the next tier being a Marble Godiva, the following tier and the anniversary tier being Vanilla Cake with Raspberry filling. The groom cupcake on top will be Butter Rum, and the bride cupcake will be the Godiva. I’m so excited! His cake is fabulous.

Also – I meant to post these the other day. My friend Chelsea from class came over to help break in my new mixer, and we made cupcakes! The ones we made this time were called top-to-bottom crumb cupcakes. They didn’t so much turn out like the recipe card picture, but they tasted amazing. It was like cinnamon coffee cake turned into a delicious little cupcake. I loved it.


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