I just saw that we’re under three hundred days and I just about passed out.

All of the Save the Dates went into the mailbox today. It was very exciting, but made me a little nervous, too. This makes things much more legit! People have a date, and are making plans to come down here for the wedding. I’m very very excited!!

Jeff and I did our first registry the other day. We decided to do Kohl’s first, because we really love their kitchen stuff. They have a really good selection of pots and pans and bakeware, as well as really nice dish sets and serve-ware that we fell in love with. We went to customer service to put in all our information and get our scan gun, and the lady had no idea what she was doing, lol. First she gave us a scan gun that still had someone else’s registry in it. And then she gave us a new one but didn’t know how to start it up and get us ready to go scan. It was a mess. Jeff figured it out and schooled her on scan guns. We went around the whole store, and I got to school Jeff on what kind of stuff goes on registries and what kind of stuff doesn’t. I think he had some sticker shock of the pricing of some home stuff, for real. He had no clue stuff was so expensive! But it was overall a lot of fun. I think we’re also going to do one online for Amazon.com, and then I’m going to do one for Williams Sonoma.

So anyways, this was us goofing around.

I also gave Jeff the task of finding a DJ. I can’t do everything on my own, and I figured this was something Jeff could handle and would be mildly interested in, so we’ll see how it goes. I gave him a starting point, with a price quote and one guy that I really like, and told him to go from there. So we’ll see.


February 1, 2010. Uncategorized.

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