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Been very busy negotiating with vendors. This takes time, and frustrates me a lot. But here’s some updates.

  • We’re booking Liquid DJs for the reception. Shannon (and Dasha) have been incredible and I can’t thank them enough for helping me out. So as soon as I get my paycheck Friday, they’ll be booked. And we’ll have sweet jams for the wedding.
  • We’ve decided to NOT go with Event Makers for catering. Their price is alright, but their service is god-awful and they won’t let me do a tasting. So this was an important decision to make and I can move forward with catering planning.
  • I’m pretty sure we have which tent company we’re going with (not holding my breath yet, though). The price is alright, just waiting for a slightly revised contract and making an appt. in Stuart to finalize and put 50% down. This will be a huge relief.
  • My Save the Dates have all been mailed out. All thirty-seven of them. $25 in postage later. It seems as though most of Jeff’s family has gotten them, and some of mine. I feel like there’s a lot unaccounted for, and I’ll need to hunt down some mail men to get this taken care of. Also – I want to apologize to everyone who received them for the really awful dolphin stamps on them. Seriously, my deepest apologies.

I feel like I’ve gotten way more done than I actually have. Having the DJ booked is a huge relief, and having the tent vendor almost booked is another huge relief. Then all we really have left is catering, since we already have the cake paid for, my dress is here, the photography is almost paid for… We’re making good time I feel like.

I do need to tackle the BM dress dealio though. It’s going to be difficult I imagine. Getting everyone together will suck, and I don’t have time to make separate appointments. So we’ll see how this plays out.

I think that’s all. I wish I had pictures to upload to this mega boring post. Sorry guys.


February 9, 2010. Uncategorized.

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