Busy busy busy. All the time. Today, we went under the nine month mark, and my wedding ticker now says 8 months, 4 weeks, 2 days. Wow. We really are getting closer.

Okay so. Here’s where we’re at:

  • We’re mailing our final payment to Ashley this week. Such a huge relief. And so very excited.
  • I’ve put the deposit down on Liquid DJs and am making payments.
  • I have the final quote from Event Makers and just need to sign and deposit.
  • Sewing flowers like it’s my job (with Chelsea).
  • Need to order bridesmaid dresses, so need to get Becca and Chelsea into a shop that has them to try on.

I’m at a point where I wish I could invite more people. I think probably most people get there. I’m making new friends and getting closer to people that puts things at an awkward time line. I can’t add more people, and I have no idea who from our families will definitely come and who won’t. It’s making it hard, and I want to invite more friends. This part kind of sucks. I’m trying to squeeze out of my parents if they’ve heard anything about people coming or not coming, and no one is really talking much about it (which also sucks – people talk about my wedding! At least pretend to be excited!).

On a side note – my birthday is coming up! It’s the big two-one. Big plans incoming! I can’t wait. Jeff is planning most of it, so that’s really fun. I bought shoes and a new shirt, and just need to get a skirt. I got my birthday shoes on sale at Aldo for $34, originally $70. So stoked on them, and they’re super comfortable! I can’t wait.


February 28, 2010. Uncategorized.

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