a little about myself.

I work at Starbucks, and have for about 2 years now. I’m more knowledgeable about coffee than you could ever imagine. My fiance, Jeff, while in school, is working as a loss prevention officer. He gets to trespass punk-ass kids from his property. He gets paid to be a jerk. Awesome? Yes.

I’m on my third major in college, and plan to graduate as a pastry chef. Yes, I’m going to bake cakes for a living. Sweetest job ever. I plan on graduating in the summer of 2010. Jeff will graduate with a degree in IT networking.

I’m also planning my wedding on a severe budget, somewhere around $6000. I consider myself a “DIY” bride, and I don’t think that it will make my wedding any less amazing. The date is set for November 27, 2010; which gives me and my fiance a little over a year to save up some serious money. Luckily, I have been blessed with amazing creativity genes, and my family is overly supportive of helping make my visions a reality.


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  1. vanessa replied:

    Being a DIY bride will make your wedding _more_ amazing!

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