So my sister found this really awesome link about these sphere-shaped lights made of string, and a DIY for making them. So we’re in the process of trying to make them ourselves for the wedding. I want to use them for centerpieces for the tables at the wedding. We’ve started with ivory, light pink, and black yarns. Here’s our progress so far.

“Stiffy” fabric stiffener, from Joann Fabrics, $5.99 a bottle.

Use those cheap sponge brushes to apply the stiffener, after yarn is wrapped around a balloon.

Slightly different sizes for variation

I put pushpins into the knot in the balloon and hung them from the ceiling to dry evenly.

A finished one with the balloon popped and taken out.

I’m really excited about these turning out. I think they’ll be beautiful and match the feel of the wedding perfectly.


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Ashley Colhouer is a genius. Her skill will never cease to amaze me – ever. She took our vision and ran with it, and made the photos look GORGEOUS. Seriously, I could not ask for a better turn out. You can check out the whole set she posted on her website, and here’s a couple teasers.


And – on a side note – it totally snowed in Daytona Beach this morning while I was at work.

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The days are slowly disappearing. Just over ten months until the wedding, crazy! Time is going too fast already.

Couple of new things.

We had our meetings with Event Makers and Premier Party Rentals in Stuart. I first feel like neither were prepared for our meetings (which I had made appointments for), and they were both a little scatter-brained. I wasn’t impressed. Both said they would email me quotes. Our meetings were on Wednesday the 6th. Premier Party Rentals emailed me the quote (minus the tent) today, Thursday the 7th. I have yet to hear from Event Makers, who I’m also considering for my catering. They better get on it before I pass them by. I feel like most of what Premier quoted me was fair. I do feel like their linens are outrageously priced. They want $17/linen for plain black polyester linens. And $35/linen for a pink and gold crushed linen. I’m looking elsewhere to try and find a better deal. As soon as Event Makers gets back to me on that, I’ll update how I’m feeling.

We also had our cake tasting with Efrain at A Piece of Cake by Elena in Stuart. We decided on different flavors for every tier. The bottom tier is their Butter Rum, followed by the next tier being a Marble Godiva, the following tier and the anniversary tier being Vanilla Cake with Raspberry filling. The groom cupcake on top will be Butter Rum, and the bride cupcake will be the Godiva. I’m so excited! His cake is fabulous.

Also – I meant to post these the other day. My friend Chelsea from class came over to help break in my new mixer, and we made cupcakes! The ones we made this time were called top-to-bottom crumb cupcakes. They didn’t so much turn out like the recipe card picture, but they tasted amazing. It was like cinnamon coffee cake turned into a delicious little cupcake. I loved it.

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So today we had our engagement session with Ashley Colhouer. I want to say that she is absolutely incredible. I love her. She was such an amazing photographer to work with, and has a ridiculously creative mind. She’s awesome at what she does, and I don’t think that I would be as happy if I had picked another photographer. I’m so lucky to have found her through The Knot.

We won’t have our photos until probably the end of the week, but Ashley took two polaroids for me on my camera that I scanned in and uploaded. I seriously have already stalked her blog. Like they’d be up yet. Seriously Taylor, get a grip. We ended up shooting in the Everglades, which was amazing, and perfect. The lighting was beautiful all day long, there could not have been better lighting on any day ever. The sky was super cooperative, and everything looked incredible. It was a snuggly 58 degrees outside, and my outfits were less than warm. But I sucked it up like a big girl because I didn’t want to be decked in winter garb because I love Florida. And I love Florida weather. And I would hate for these photos to represent the one cold week we have once a year. Anyways. I’m stoked. Here’s your dose of wedding porn for the day.

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Engagement session is in seven days. Yes, one week. Ashley and I have finally narrowed it down to a broad but defined area near the Everglades. Desolate enough for the look we’re going for. You know the Twilight shoot that Vanity Fair did? That’s what I’m going for. Here:

That is what we’re looking for, style wise. I am so excited. Ashley is going to do an amazing job. She’s excited to shoot us, which is awesome! I can’t wait to work with her. Anyways, this is a really shoddy bathroom photo of the outfit I picked out for the shoot. I’m hoping to also get some high top chucks to go with it, but may settle for Vans 😉

Sorry I don’t have a better picture. In a week I will!

So finally some wedding junk updated. Oh. Also. I think I have my bridesmaid dress picked out. It’s Bill Levkoff #430. The girls will be ordering them in black. They will all be gorgeous. ❤

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First recipe in my new mixer. Had to post. It was sooo delightful.

vanilla cheesecake crunch-top cupcakes. holy shiz. from “the cupcake deck” that my sister got me for christmas. they start with a homemade cupcake batter on the bottom of your cupcake pan, then a cream cheese mixture on top of that, then a brown sugar crumble on top. they turned out absolutely perfect.

sooo good. day off = success.

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I’ve been a bad blogger. Much too busy to blog.

Eleven months to go. Seriously.

Finals and practicals are out of the way. Much more time to focus on wedding things. Engagement photos are in 8 days. WHAT! I don’t even have a location yet. Holy shiz. I have all of the meetings for the tent/tables/linens/blah blah in 9 days. Those will be huge checks to have out of the way. All I do in my free time is sew flowers. My coffee table looks like a craft store vomited on it. All over it. God help Jeff.

I have the luggage tags and save the date post cards done. With those, we’re mailing a map of Stuart with the points of interest, the activities we’ll be having over the weekend, and the hotel information. I know most people do this with their invites, but trust that my family needs A LOT of time to handle this kind of thing. So we’re sending out a fun little Save the Date package in the mail. If I can get it all done in the next two weeks to mail out in January.

Other than that, there isn’t really any wedding news. I think I’ve finally decided on a bridesmaid dress, but we’ll see how that goes when we order them in February. Yes – that’s my cut off date. They MUST be ordered by then, I’m not having the stress of dresses not coming in on time.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

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Officiant: Check.

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School has been crazy. Work has been crazy. And all I do in my free time is cut out flowers. Stupid flowers. Keep just hoping they’ll look amazing in the end and make it worth it.

I’ve entirely let go of Jillian Michaels. I need to get back on that wagon, asap. We’ll see.

Here’s what I made in class today. And why I need to start doing JM again, hah.

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I’d first like to go on an entirely un-wedding related rant about work.

You, walking through the front door of my (unnamed) coffee shop, you do not need that frappuccino you’re about to order. And you definitely do not need the extra whip cream parfait-style with extra caramel sauce in the cup. It is rude to talk on your phone while I’m trying to ask you what size you want, and you just throw your money down on the counter at me, or slap your company credit card down and then when I ask you if you want a receipt and you shake your head no so I hand you back your card and start to walk away you yell at me that you need a receipt so you can get reimbursed for your $1.60 cup of coffee. You are rude. It is still rude to say into your iPhone “hold on a sec, I’m getting my coffee” and then throw some jumbled mess of words about coffee into my face that don’t make any sense for a drink order and then say back into your phone “Sorry, these people are idiots, don’t they train them?”. Yes – they train us. They train us how to smile at assholes like you all day (and I’d like to see you try to make a quad venti two pump sugar free vanilla two pump sugar free caramel whole milk one splenda dry cappuccino with a smile on YOUR face).


I’ve started sewing more flowers. It’s very tiring, and my hands keep cramping. Must. Keep. Going.

And on a more exciting note, I’ve designed my luggage tags that we’ll be sending out with our Save the Dates. I love them, and I used lyrics from my absolute favorite New Found Glory song ever. We’ll be printing these business card size and then laminating them and hooking clear luggage tag loops through them. I am getting more and more excited every day.

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